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Hosting and Domains

Domain Names and Website Hosting

In order to get started with a new website, you will first need two important things: 1) Domain Registry and 2) Website Hosting. It is not necessary to register your domain and sign up for hosting with the same company, but most people do find that it is simpler to keep up with one account.

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Domain Names Domain Name Registry
Your Domain Name is how people will find you on the Web. Since the actual location of your website is a long numeric value called an IP Address, your domain name is just a simple way to remember how to get to your site. You would not really expect your clients to find you by typing in

If you find it beneficial, you can have multiple domain names pointing to the same website, such as: and These are actually the same site. The owner of the site simply found it beneficial to own both the .net and the .com versions of the name. This keeps another company from coming in and purchasing a site name that can be confused with your own.

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Website Hosting Website Hosting
A website hosting company provides a service that allows your website pages to be viewed on the Web. The hosting company gives you access to one of their servers where your website pages can be loaded up. Once your website has been loaded onto the hosting server, they are then accesssible via the Web.

Before signing up for hosting, you do need to know what type of website you will be building. The operating system of the hosting server will be based on the tools used to build your web pages.