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Content Management System (CMS)

Blowfish Web Solutions CMS
(Content Management System)

♦ Starting at $250

A CMS allows you to maintain your own website content without any knowledge of web coding. Using a secure login, you are able to write content, alter current pages or add a new web page. All of this can be done from a user-friendly control panel interface.

Why Should You Consider a CMS?
  • With a CMS you no longer have to hire a web professional to alter your website.
  • Dynamic site content enhances Search Engine Ratings. Many websites are completely static, but Search Engines, like Google prefer websites with fresh content. This means that a website with dynamic content will generally be ranked higher than a site that is static. To learn more about Search Engine Optimization (or SEO), check out our article SEO Simplified: 5 Steps You Can Take to Improve Your Website's Rating.
  • Maintain Site Members: A CMS is a simple way to easily manage members.
  • Blogging: Maintaining a blog is a simple process with a CMS.
  • Special Features and Functions: Using a CMS enables you to add extensions to your site. There are thousands of CMS extensions available. Most are free or very reasonably priced. Examples of extensions include user forums, Facebook content sharing, calendar sharing, photo galleries, etc.
  • Template Driven: A CMS is built on a template system. Although this does mean that someone else could share your template, these templates are very flexible and customizable, so you can rarely tell when two sties use the same template. The real advantage is in future site updates. Now you no longer have to start from scratch to change the entire look-and-feel of your site. You just load up a new template to get a new website design!
What's Included

Option 1: DIY (Do It Yourself) @ $350
This option includes a cutting-edge, professional CMS template which we load on your web host and documentation which walks you through making the site your own.

Option 2: Value Service @ $550
If you like our DIY option, but don't want to actually "Do It Yourself", then we'll handle the setup for up to 5 pages of content. Just pick your CMS template, and send us your 5 pages of content (verbiage for each page and up to 5 images for us to include). We'll do the rest.

Option 3: Fully Customized (starts @ $1695)
This option includes a cutting-edge, professional CMS template completely setup with all your content and any additional features you need for your new website. Our base price includes 5 pages: A Home page, a Contact Us page, and 3 webpages of your choice. (Additional pages can be added for an extra charge, but remember that you can now create your own pages!)

Upon completion of the project, we provide all website files and graphic images to you, so that you maintain full ownership of all site materials.

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Available CMS Templates

Award Winning Service

CMS: Award Winning Service

Customized Example

CMS: Award Winning Service Customized

Brilliant Biz

CMS: Brilliant Biz

Customized Example

CMS: Brilliant Biz Customized


CMS: Steel

Customized Example

CMS: Steel